1st Week in Worcester

We have now been in Worcester, South Africa for a week!


Let me tell you about life here.

How is the weather? Cold.  And I’m not just saying that as a person who has lived in the tropics for the past 6 years- others agree- it’s cold! At night it gets as low as 30F & in the day only up to 60F.  We are surrounded by mountains, and you can still see the snow on the tips of the mountains.

What’s the food like? The food is much better than we had expected! We’ve had a variety of food- lasagna, chicken salad, vegetables, salad, stew, bread, etc.  September 24 was a national holiday where everyone grills traditional food.  They call it a Braai.


What are the people like? There are people from, literally, all over the world.  Pakistan, India, South Korea, Poland, USA, El Salvador, Uganda, Holland, Brazil, Madagascar, Zambia, etc.  I could go on and on listing nations.  On Monday morning in the base worship time they asked people to come up to the front if their native language was a language other than English.  Then, they were asked to say “Praise the name of Jesus,” in the native tongue.  There were over 40 different languages represented!  It was really cool listening to the same phrase being repeated in different sounds, clicks, and tones. Everyone is here for the same purposes- to be trained, to train others, or to serve in a ministry.  Like the YWAM base in Costa Rica, we find it easy to connect with others because we have similar goals in life with those around us.

Where are you living?  We are living on the missionary compound, also known as the YWAM base. Our accommodations are very similar to college dorms.  There is a building with one hallway and 10 rooms.  There are 2 showers and 2 bathrooms at the end of the hall to be shared by the residents.  Isaac and I live in a room that has a bed, closet, table, and night stand.  We have done our best to make it “home” for the next 3 months- decorating it with pictures & putting up things from back home.


What are you doing there?  Isaac and I are part of a 3 month Bible training called the Bible Core Course.  It is an intense school where we will read the entire Bible and study it using the inductive method.  For each of the 12 weeks we are here we will focus on a different section of the Bible (ex. Kings, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets, Letters, Gospels) and teachers will come in to help us understand the original context, meaning, and purpose for why each book was written.

Do you like it so far?  Yes!  We enjoy the people we are with, we have made our little room home, we are eating well, Isaac is playing on a soccer team- but most importantly we are both learning more about God than we’ve ever learned.  We are studying the scriptures in a way that gives us the truth behind why they were written, and allows us to understand the character and nature of God at an even deeper level.  We are grateful to be where we are, and really look forward to the growth & understanding the next 11 weeks have for us!

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