Driving on the other side of the road

Here in South Africa, when it comes to driving, we feel like we are in another world.  The steering wheel is on the right side of the car, and they drive on the opposite side of the road than what we do back home. YWAM Worcester has several cars that they rent out to those who are part of the community.  Isaac & I both took a driving test this past week to get approved to drive here.  We passed…. barely!

When we got in the car, both of us reached up to the left to put our seat belts on- but even that has changed!   When we went to put on the turn signal, the wipers started- because that’s on the other side too!  I made a left turn into the wrong lane (thank God that Worcester is a small town with very little traffic), and had a hard time not driving up onto the curve.  I can’t believe how much brain power it takes to drive!  We both took the test with a stick-shift car (which was yet another challenge- changing gears with the left hand instead of the right!), and we were approved to drive automatic cars only within Worcester.  The (brave) guy who was grading us said that we first need to get used to the opposite side before we learn to switch gears with our left hand.  After we’ve driving 50km in town, we can re-take the test to get further approved, and go to farther away places, such as Cape Town.

Although I really have no desire to drive here, it’s good that I practice in a town like Worcester, before getting our own car and learning in a big city like Johannesburg!

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