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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Merry Christmas from the Del Ríos!


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Coffee from Costa Rica

Look what we found! South Africa is not really a coffee culture, and so what is most commonly drank & sold is instant coffee.  We remembered that from being here a few years ago, and brought our own Costa Rican coffee…

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Hello, Johannesburg!

We dreamed of moving to Johannesburg 12 months ago.  And now we’re here.  This big city that Africans come to in search of a better life, is now our city.     We still don’t have a home of our…

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Big changes coming our way

Today we will be leaving the Western Cape of South Africa, and moving to where we call home for the next several years: Johannesburg!  We have been dreaming about this since January, and we are excited that today is the…

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End of the Bible Core Course!

I apologize to those who have checked for updates and have found none until now- we have been quite busy studying & finishing up our course!!  Since I last posted we have studied Hebrews, Revelation, Deuteronomy, 1st& 2nd Kings, the…

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