End of the Bible Core Course!

I apologize to those who have checked for updates and have found none until now- we have been quite busy studying & finishing up our course!!  Since I last posted we have studied Hebrews, Revelation, Deuteronomy, 1st& 2nd Kings, the Minor Prophets, Daniel, and read the entire Bible out loud!  Now do you see why we haven’t had much time to update?

This past Monday we had a night to share poems, songs, and creative art that we created based on the different books we studied.  I shared a poem I wrote from the book of Revelation, while Isaac shared a picture collage he made after studying 1st & 2nd Kings.




We finished the course on Tuesday with an exam about the Old Testament, and today we had the graduation and a nice lunch after.  This season of studying God’s word has been such a blessing to both of us.  It’s been a time where we have been refreshed in God, in His Word, and in our own individual callings.  To study God’s word on our own, and to be given the tools to continue studying has been invaluable.


We will be in Worcester until Saturday, and then spend 3 days in Cape Town.  On Tuesday the 16th we fly to Johannesburg and will quickly (hopefully!) find a home and being making a life for ourselves there!

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