Hello, Johannesburg!

We dreamed of moving to Johannesburg 12 months ago.  And now we’re here.  This big city that Africans come to in search of a better life, is now our city.  



We still don’t have a home of our own- but once again God has provided us with a place to stay.  A family who went to Cape Town for vacation asked us to stay in their home while they are away, and we gladly accepted.  We will be living in their house until January 3rd, and we hope that we’ll have found our own place to live by then.  I have been searching online for months and have found nothing in the area that we want to live.  We were told that there were some nice apartments a few blocks from the ministry center, but that they were all full.  On Friday Isaac and I went for a walk, and when we passed the apartment building, we decided to go and talk to the manager.  He confirmed that all of the apartments were full, but then told us that a lady would be moving out on the 31st and her 2 bedroom apartment would then become available.  “We want it!”  we told him, both at the same time.  We won’t know if we’ll get it for sure, until the end of next week, but we are praying that we will be able to move in on the 1st.  

Today after one of Joburg’s light rainstorms, there was this amazing rainbow.  Six months ago, when we left Costa Rica, we flew over a rainbow as we left Isaac’s hometown.   Now, as we arrive in our new city, God reminds of his promises with another rainbow.  


photo-4I’ve had plenty of moments of anxiety, just wanting my own place to live, and with wavering faith that God will provide.  But He will provide- He always has, and always will, and in these moments of limbo, I must keep on trusting and believing. 


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