A year later…

It has been over a year since I updated our blog, and wow, a lot has happened in these past 12 months!  (we have an 11 month baby, for example!) While I have not been good about updating here, I am very consistent in sending out a monthly email sharing about our ministry and lives in Johannesburg.  So, if you want that monthly newsletter, send me a message and get added to that list.

We have been in Burtingy, Switzerland (near Geneva) for the past 4 weeks participating in the Celebrating Children Workshop, facilitated by Loom International.  Along with other missionaries, pastors, and caregivers from around the world, we have studied how to best serve the children in our communities.  It has been a refreshing time of learning, being with like-minded friends, and hearing God speak to us about what we are doing.  We’re looking forward to seeing “our” kids again next Tuesday, but it will be sad to leave this community that helps us thrive.

One of the modules focused on how we as caregivers can live resiliently under pressure, and one way we can live that way is through using our strengths.  Communicating with others has always been a strength of mine, and blogging used to be a tool for me to use that strength.  It’s a tool I’m wanting to pick up again, because I have so many stories to tell.  There are so many moments that mark me forever, but also pass me by, because I didn’t take the time to write them down.

So here’s to a new goal, and a tool that will help me share life and stories, all the while giving me life and helping me to be more of who God created me to be.

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