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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Doing things right

In the past week, I’ve been so encouraged by 2 different girls, who’ve shown me that we’re doing things right.  Our goal is that kids at the center feel loved and safe, and that in the loving and safe environment,…

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He is faithful

Two days ago a scary thing happened to me.  I’ve been told to expect scary things in this city.  But it doesn’t make them any less scary when they happen. Isaac left early Tuesday morning to get the car serviced….

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Happy birthday: he beamed, she cried.

First, a confession: we haven’t been celebrating birthdays at our center.  I’ve had every intention for months to write down birthdays and start celebrating, but its just been one of those things that hasn’t happened. Until now. At the workshop last…

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Feels good to be loved and listened to

Yesterday we returned to the center, and it felt so good to be back.  As kids came through the gate and saw me, they ran to me to give me a big hug, and then ran off to find Isaac and…

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